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We Are Open 6 Days A Week

We are a motorcycle training academy that focuses on all riders. We train from beginner to experienced, safety skills, K53 Test and off road training.

Learn to Ride

One on one focused training and essential skills to learn to ride motorcyles or scooters.

K53 Preparation Lessons

Initial 2 hour lesson and follow up practice sessions, at Greenpoint Stadium parking area.

Safety Riding

Essential emergency skills and hazard perception training.

Road Riding Lesson

Riding on the road with your Instructor who will assist teaching more advanced skills like hill starts, filterning, overtaking, u-turns, intersections.

Skills Assessment

The lessons consist of your instructor identifying the mistakes that you make on the road and on your motorcycle.

Two Wheel Training Academy is a Social Enterprise delivering quality motorcycle safety training for beginners and experienced riders.

Our training covers beginner classes, private lessons, preparations for K53 test, safety training and hazard perception.  We also have social rides, maintenance training and events that appeal to everyone.  Please email us for more information.

Apart from road riding, we also specialise in off road riding lessons and off road tours.

A positive attitude towards riding, good hazard perception and practiced emergency procedures will ensure that you are equipped to ride and enjoy your biking career – forever.


One on one training


Highest license passing rate


Expert assessment of skills


More than 40yrs of motorcycling experience

Please feel most welcome to get in touch with us to discuss your training requirements.  

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“The instructor was very knowledgeable and made sure that I was very well prepared for the test. Nice convenient location next to green point stadium”

Ricky Robinson

“Anyone can teach someone how to ride a motorcylcle but little character of Stephan Lourens. Recommended”

Louis Cypher

“Thank you for a great day and good experience!!”

Ashley Relf