About us


About Us:

Two Wheel Training Academy specialises in teaching people how to ride motorbikes and scooters – giving thorough information and teaching riding skills that will guarantee to make you a safer and more confident rider.

Our research was done in the UK, SA and USA to gather an understanding of the causes of motorbike accidents; only to discover that the majority of motorbike accidents are caused by simple errors that inexperienced riders make.  The training that Two Wheel Training Academy provides is based on UK and USA training.  We teach people to ride with confidence and to have a positive attitude towards safety and life-saving riding skills.

Your chief instructor is Stephan Lourens. He has been involved with motorcycling for over 35 years, starting from a very young age with road riding, and later moved onto motocross, off-road and enduro riding. Apart from being an instructor, he is also a professional adventure tour guide and operator, regularly going on adventure tours throughout South Africa and Africa. He is based in Cape Town City Centre, and does private lessons as well as road riding training in the Cape Town metropole. Call or WhatsApp him on                     +27 82 972 9452.

Terms and Conditions:

All packages or promotions or gifts are to be paid for in full by the time training begins. All training must be completed within 3 months so please ensure you book all your lessons and commit to completing the whole course. There are no refunds for not completing the training.  Subject to availability.  Please make sure to have a valid Learner’s Licence.