learn to ride




Learn to Ride (LTR) is ideal training for beginner riders.  We assume no motorbike experience at all. The most important thing is that you learn the most essential riding skills right from the start.


LTR is very focussed training and tailored to your individual needs.  The first lesson is 2 or more hours.  Most people need 3 hours to learn the most essential skills as second nature and be safe on a motorcycle.  The rest of your training program will be worked out with your instructor according to your individual needs and your skill level.


We supply helmets if you don’t have one yet.  Please wear jeans and sturdy shoes.  We will NOT train anyone wearing flip-flops. If it is cold you need to bring extra warm clothes.  Bring some water along if you want.


We train Monday to Saturday at the Green Point Stadium in Cape Town.


If you do not have your own motorcycle, the academy motorcycles are free with the lesson.


A valid learners licence is required before training starts including scooter and beginner lessons. Liability insurance will not cover any incidents if you don’t hold a learner’s license.


All packages or promotions or gifts are to be paid for in full by the time training begins. All training must be completed within 3 months so please ensure you book all your lessons and commit to completing the whole course. There are no refunds for not completing the training.  Subject to availability.  Please make sure to have a valid Learner’s Licence.


all lessons are R400/hour. Your first lesson will be a minimum of 2 hours long (R800). Thereafter we do 1-hour sessions at R400/hour till you are ready to go out on the road for a Road Ride (RR).