Skills assessment


Skills Assessment


Everyone has their own riding style because everyone is different. But there are certain skills that are essential and should be second nature to a rider. Many people do not learn these second nature skills and therefore do not feel confident or safe on the road, and for the most part, they are not safe on the road. Not to themselves, and not to other road users.


Skills Assessment lessons consist of your instructor identifying the mistakes that you make on the road and on your motorcycle. We then teach you the correct skills and techniques to be safer, by using various exercises to direct you in the correct direction.


Do you constantly drift out of the corner, or can’t take a slow sharp corner, or pull away with a jerk, or feel like you can never stop correctly, or feel like you constantly want to fall over when going slowly? Skills Assessment lessons are for you, as these lessons are essential for riders who do not feel confident about riding their motorcycle.


valid learners licence is required before training starts including scooter and beginner lessons. Liability insurance will not cover any incidents if you don’t hold a learner’s license.


All packages or promotions or gifts are to be paid for in full by the time training begins. All training must be completed within 3 months so please ensure you book all your lessons and commit to completing the whole course. There are no refunds for not completing the training.  Subject to availability.  Please make sure to have a valid Learner’s Licence.


Safety Skills lessons are a minimum of 2 hours at R400/hour. Use of the academy motorcycle is free. We will also supply helmets for the training and test if you require a helmet.